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Talent Defines You.
Build a better business through recruiting excellence.

One recruiting endeavor at a time, Occhio is dedicated to making a difference through the recruitment, alignment and placement of key leaders where organizations need them most.

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Increase the odds of making outstanding executive and professional level hires—every time.

The sea of candidates is vast, but the ability to define, assess, and acquire the right talent requires a keen, sharp eye. Let Occhio help bring your search into focus.


Occhio’s Search & Recruitment Process

step 1 identify the need

We ask questions. We listen. Through initial discovery and discernment efforts, we learn your story – where you’ve been and where your organization needs to go.

step 2 find the talent

Our methodical research, robust outreach and in-depth candidate assessment process will yield talent options you can value and empower.

step 3 align the talent

Our multi-step interview process and Finalist Forum will yield an alignment of values, goals and expectations for client and candidate alike.

step 4 recruit & onboard

Recruiting is more art than science – and for us it’s all about the follow-through – ours is 360 degrees.

Meet Our Team

Occhio’s values-based approach to people and process stems from lessons learned in the search trenches and decades of close partnering with clients and candidates during these recruiting engagements.

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Sarah Krueger

Founder / Lead Search Consultant
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Angie Akerman

Senior Search Consultant
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Hannah Phillips

Search Consultant
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Elly Richards

Associate Search Consultant
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Occhio's Ethos


Lead With Humanity. We take pride in leading searches that create a positive experience for all involved. “That was a great experience” is our highest compliment – and we hear it often. Being transparent and providing candid feedback is our style.


Drive Client Success. Our success is built on your success. Whether we join you on a full journey or support only a portion of your search, we promise to work hard, to add value and to serve as a trusted recruiting resource every step along the way.


Foster Diversity & Inclusion. Diverse and inclusive leaders and key contributors help organizations thrive. We are committed to diversity and to fostering an understanding in every search engagement as to how diverse talent adds value to an organization.


Be Creative & Innovative. We see beyond challenging search endeavors and we find creative solutions. In our efforts to align the best talent with a given role, we add value through the continuous improvement and innovation in our recruitment process and technology.


Create Meaningful Process. Good search processes create meaningful interactions, yield multiple data points and lead to strong alignment between candidate and client.


Ensure Confidentiality. No exceptions. Applicant confidentiality is simply paramount in our business. Proprietary client data and information deserves the same respect.

Why work with us?
You believe that talent defines your organization.

You value and empower talent. You believe in hiring great people and you expect them to make an impact. Occhio is passionate about finding individuals who have the drive to tackle big challenges, build high-performing teams, create positive workplace cultures, deliver transformational and organizational change and who innovate and collaborate to make the work-world a better place.

You seek a trusted recruiting partner with a proven process.

You value a structured recruitment process and the support and guidance of an experienced search consultant – and – you believe your talent base is deserving of the same.

You seek a wide-range of recruitment expertise and action-oriented results.

Occhio’s expertise spans 8 core leadership functions (including executive leadership, HR, sales and business development, operations, marketing and communications, finance, technology, and legal) across 10+ industries, including nonprofit, manufacturing and distribution, CPG, industrial, banking and finance, construction, legal, healthcare, transportation, and more. We have a bias for action. We communicate frequently and we yield action-oriented results.

You need scalable solutions.

One size does not fit all and it’s time for retained search to evolve! Choose full-service support from launch to job offer OR simply retain us to add value where you need it most with our packaged recruitment services.

You seek cutting-edge talent acquisition strategy & technology.

From our compelling position announcements and video-based candidate introductions to our robust sourcing and in-depth screening interviews, Occhio has the strategy, expertise, tools, and technology needed to keep you on the cutting-edge of talent acquisition. Occhio’s personality assessments and experiential Finalist Forum process provides yet additional data points to increase the odds of making outstanding and well-aligned new hires.

A Recruiting Partner You Can Trust

Go beyond a great hire and find a true recruiting partner to fill your next critical position with confidence. We value our clients and would love to build a long-term relationship with your organization.