An Eye For Talent

Occhio—the Italian word for “eye.”

In the early days of my career in executive search consulting, one of my mentors proposed an interesting question: “Do you have the eye?” Of course I have the eye for talent, I told myself—I’m a recruiter. Yet my incredible journey in the world of retained executive search was just beginning and the learning curve was steep. Along the way, I readily admit, my vision has been honed.

Having worked with many inspiring CEO’s and leadership teams who have big visions and high expectations for new hires, I have learned that taking time to see what is not spoken and to bring into focus what is not well-defined yields the most success. These insights are what inspired me to name my new venture Occhio Search & Recruitment. At Occhio, we are committed to seeing what you need in each recruit—even if you can’t see it. And we offer a path and a proven methodology to get you there.

From the start of every search, we are able to envision success when key hiring criteria aligns closely with an organization’s strategic priorities. We believe in articulating this connection as we explore the employee value proposition for your new hire. We know what best positions your opportunity to attract the right talent and which recruiting techniques and messaging resonate in your industry to attract a diverse pool of leaders and individual contributors.

With 25+ years’ experience, our vision has been honed and here are some of the things we see:

  • We see how the right talent can motivate a team, transform a culture, turnaround a strategy, or take an organization to the next level.
  • We see how a methodical process yielding multiple data points leads to a consensus on mission and goals and ultimate alignment between candidate and client.
  • We see beyond challenging search endeavors and we understand how to pivot to deliver on “tough-to-fill” opportunities.
  • We see creative strategies to recruit and to attract the right talent.
  • We see the talent that lies within – not only overt skills and resume-based accomplishments but also transferrable abilities and untapped aptitude.
  • We see how non-traditional candidates may thrive in more traditional roles when an alignment of talent, purpose and mission intersect.
  • We see what motivates, distracts, satisfies and aligns candidates with the right role.
  • We see how technology can be utilized to expedite our process while at the same time creating a positive candidate experience.
  • We see what candidates need in leadership search processes – confidentiality, trust, honesty, confidence, timely and candid feedback – a trusted search consultant.
  • We see what clients need in the search process – objectivity, clarity, honesty, authenticity – a trusted search partner.

We look forward to sharing what we see about your search with your organization and decision makers. We have supported numerous small- and mid-sized, privately held, and family-owned businesses, as well as small and large nonprofit organizations, with some of their most critical leadership recruiting endeavors.

To experience our vision for your next hire, contact us today!

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