Does Talent Define Your Organization

Does talent define your organization? Or does your organization define its talent?

When talent defines an organization, success follows. Alternatively, when an organization defines its talent, frustration mounts and morale can drop. Diversity of thought and people can be put at risk. And overall growth for the organization and individual employees is hindered.

So, how do you become an organization defined by talent (versus one who defines it)? Let’s consider a few key characteristics of organizations that do it right.

Organizations defined by talent:

  • Proactively value the skill, ability, and potential within employees. At their core, these employers recognize that employees bring unique value. They recognize (and also articulate) how each and every role contributes to the overall success of their organization in a specific and defined manner. They are intuitively aware of the value proposition their organization offers to employees, and they are committed to continuous improvement of this very proposition. They invest in employee development and learning opportunities. They actively engage and recognize the accomplishments talent achieves. And, when encouraged and developed to thrive in a manner aligned with overall organizational priorities, employee talent (and culture) thrives, delivering a strong ROI for the organization at large.
  • Empower their employees. There is an open attitude towards ideation and continuous improvement is proactively encouraged. Employees are aligned in roles that capitalize on their strengths and employees are recognized and rewarded when both their development and success align with organizational goals.
  • Recognize that their talent base is not limited to current employees. These employers work to foster relationships with prospective employees and consistently refine their recruiting processes and elevate their efforts when it comes to applicant and candidate engagement. They are, in fact, always recruiting. They are always looking to add human value and potential to their organization. They strive to be employers of choice.

So, let me ask again. Does talent define your organization? Or have you been trying too hard to define the talent within your organization?

Have you hired leaders who you believe have helped define your organization? Are they encouraging your employees to step up the plate to do more, to engage more, and to bring proactive ideas? Are you receptive to new ideas and do your leaders leverage this powerful and creative input into actionable strategies that align with your organization’s vision?

At Occhio, we know that having highly talented individuals on your team isn’t enough if they are not intrinsically valued and empowered to help take your organization to the next level.

We look forward to working with clients who want their organizations to be defined by talent. We offer not only a unique lens but years of recruiting experience and a proven methodology to support your efforts in this critical mission.

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